They say that you're more likely to get divorced than change your bank account - and the same might be true when it comes to hoteliers switching booking engines. Martin Soler recently bemoaned the fact that "it's 2017, and hotels still use a website paradigm that dates from 2005" - namely, split 'showcase' and 'e-commerce' sites, often with little continuity between the two. The rise of mobile shows no signs of slowing, and clunky sites ill-suited to a smaller screen aren't going to do your conversion rate any favours. There's also the simple fact that all the careful brand-building in the world can be instantly deflated by a frustrating or cumbersome purchasing experience. If you're serious about driving direct bookings in 2018, it might be time to reconsider your booking engine. We took a look at the booking engine conversion rates over millions of sessions we tracked from October to December last year - and it turns out some booking engines are doing a far better job than others. While we're not at liberty to disclose the rates for individual BEs (sorry), we'd recommend checking how your desktop, mobile & blended conversion rates measure up against those displayed in the charts below. Get the full story at Triptease