One startup still in test phase is called HelloGbye. It allows travelers to type into their computer or speak to their phone saying something like “I would like to go to Miami next Thursday for three days and stay in a four-star hotel. My wife will be joining me on that Saturday. We will both be returning to New York a week later.” Type or say “submit” or the equivalent and a few seconds later you’ll receive the flights and hotels, purportedly at the lowest available prices. All that’s necessary is to click on the flight and hotel of choice — and done. Of course, the site has to have the information on your spouse (or any other registered travelers), your preferred airline and hotel brand. And there is a monthly subscription fee which is applied to your bookings and easily absorbed by booking just a couple of trips a year as a result of loyalty points redeemable for cash. Otherwise, it’s that simple. And to the surprise of many, another startup in beta called Lola Travel was founded by Paul English, cofounder of Kayak, the metasearch engine. When travelers want to book a trip, they just send a text. It can be as vague as “Hey, my family is thinking about going to Europe next summer. “That’s enough because on the other end is a human travel agent who knows the customer’s general preferences – and has the experience and data to help make decisions about the trip. Get the full story at MediaPost