When planning a trip, most consumers know that shopping around can help save money. But knowing how and where to compare prices is often the key to getting the best deal. That's especially important when booking a hotel.

Scouring the internet can be time consuming, but more consumers are relying on specialized search engines to help with the legwork.

Adam Meron, Mobissimo VP of Strategy & Marketing: "Mobissimo is a travel search engine and we search over 160 different travel sites directly."

Adam meron says San Francisco-based Mobissimo is like a Google for travel searches. It finds prices for you, but directs you elsewhere to do the actual booking.

Adam Meron: "We make it convenient, save you time and money,and we get you to the place you want to go as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible."

Mobissimo searches hotel sites directly, yet also checks sites like Orbitz. But not even wide-reaching search engines will have the best rates every time.

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