The study also found that three out of four (76 %) respondents believe business travel is as important to their company's success – if not more so – this year than it was in 2013 based on budget. Despite this, of the over 3,000 travel arrangers studied, more than three quarters feel they are not highly appreciated for managing company business travel. The quirks and perks of booking business travel for colleagues - Nearly 80% of those studied report that their companies need to do a better job optimizing their business travel loyalty rewards programs – leaving valuable rewards points on the table. A nice way to reward those hard working travel arrangers would be to share with them, as 63% said they were more interested in receiving travel loyalty rewards points in appreciation of their work than extra vacation days (34%). - 54% of administrative professionals claim their biggest pet peeves when making travel arrangements for others include the last minute requests for bookings (31%) and changes to itineraries submitted by their colleagues (23%). - These individuals also frequently receive their coworker's misguided travel complaints when on the road for work, with lack of Wi-Fi while flying or in the hotel, delayed/cancelled flights, and airport security lines topping the list of business travel grievances. The most important features to administrative professionals when booking and managing business travel for others: - Good value for the money (75%) - Easy booking process (72%) - Good customer support (68%) - More favorable change/cancellation policies (66%) - Online, self-serve itinerary changes or cancellations (63%) "Booking travel for others can be a complex and difficult thing, and on today of all days we should take a minute to thank those who take on this task," said Eleanor Bradley, Director of Small Business Travel at Expedia. "We appreciate the hard work administrative professionals put in every day to get their colleagues where they need to go, and are dedicated to making their work a little easier by streamlining the process and rewarding our business travelers as much as possible through exclusive business offers, Expedia Rewards, and partnerships targeted at small companies, like the ones we have with National Purchasing Partners and Ink® from Chase." Read more: Read more at