Are you ready for the latest and greatest in cruise ships? This ship has a rock-climbing wall, surfboard pool, boxing ring, basketball court, ice skating rink and a complete fitness center.

If you can't leave work at home, there is a wireless phone and computer capabilities. Want to take your work and your colleagues with you? It has a complete conference center with meeting rooms. There is a flat-screen television in every stateroom.

It has a casino and showroom to rival Las Vegas. With a 500-foot promenade of shops and a library of 3,600 volumes, your every need can be met.

Cruising is but one of the many travel adventures that boomers are considering. Surveys of boomer vacation travelers ranked shopping first followed by outdoor adventures, historical places, beaches, festivals and national parks.

As a boomer you may be looking at travel differently than your parents. If they traveled, it was probably to visit family. Destination travel may have included the "10 day" tour of Europe by bus where they got brief glimpses of cultural and historical sites. Marketing research suggests boomers want more.

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