Created in 2012 to address the problem of declining inbound travel, Brand USA’s goal is to promote international travel to the United States. Whether visitors are in search of big cities, the great outdoors or simply a taste of American culture, Brand USA helps them “Discover America” and plan their trips. To attract more visitors, deliver its brand message to the world and maintain an effective digital presence, Brand USA partners with Google for its digital marketing. “Our primary goal and end result is to influence travel and spend to the United States. We have a tremendous platform to do that,” says Chris Thompson, CEO of Brand USA. “It’s the perfect vehicle for influencing customers to visit the U.S. and engaging them before, during and after their trip,” adds Jiri Marousek, Brand USA’s director of digital. And the results speak for themselves. Brand USA has increased intent to travel to the U.S. by up to 22% while reaching markets that represent 90% of inbound travel to the U.S. Get the full story at GoogleThink Insights and the corresponding infographic at Google (PDF 1.2 MB)