As Facebook matured as a business, it decided to ratchet back the reach of brands when they post. Privately, Facebook execs have admitted that organic reach will go to near zero. The message is: Pay up if you want to reach all those fans. That’s left brands rethinking how much they want to make Facebook core to their strategies. “In brand land, it is a huge misconception that social media is ‘free,’” said Maura Tuohy, social media director at Eleven Inc. “That said, we do think Facebook’s move over the past few years toward reducing organic reach (as well as their hesitancy to share data) has caused agencies and brands to further diversify their social platform strategy.” This is a stance echoed elsewhere in brand land. At a Digiday conference held last month, Brown-Forman marketing exec Jason Loehr said Facebook’s cutting off its brands like Jack Daniel’s and Southern Comfort caused the liquor company to rethink its strategy — and to put more emphasis on the often-overlooked brand site. That is, after all, an owned property where a brand doesn’t have to worry about a mysterious algorithm suddenly keeping it from communicating with customers. Get the full story at DigiDay