Seeking what equates to discounted luxury goods and hotels, travelers from other nations are showing increased interest in trips to Britain, while U.K. citizens are expected to opt to remain home rather than traveling to locales where their money will not go as far. Despite a time of political and economic uncertainty in the U.K., signs point to a boost to the country’s tourism industry, at least in the foreseeable future. “In my view the Brexit currency fluctuations are expected to attract travelers to the U.K. as favorable exchange rates will help make their shopping experience attractive short term,” said Nadejda Popova, Travel Project Manager at Euromonitor International. “Already we are seeing investors from Russia, Middle East and Asia keen to purchase properties in the country following the Brexit vote. “When concerns travel plans I think it all depends which markets these affluent travelers come from and also what will be the outcome of the negotiation between the E.U. and U.K. regarding the terms of the exit from the E.U.,” she said. “One major area which could impact travel from European countries will be if U.K. leaves the Open Skies Agreement. Get the full story at Luxury Daily