With the growing sources of data today—especially with new demand, market and travel intelligence data—what’s the best way to ensure we have a smart revenue strategy? Today’s revenue management teams must assemble and coordinate all this emerging industry data (which covers many functional departments) and utilise decision management tools to not only deliver their strategy, but to also optimize it. The key to achieving an intelligent strategy is understanding which data to prioritise, which is most relevant to the business and subsequently converting it into actions that deliver optimal revenues. Demand and market intelligence provides insight beyond just booked data into the intent to book, which creates a new level of clarity for hoteliers by bridging the gap between ROI on marketing efforts and overall revenue strategy. The industry must quickly modernise the antiquated practice of relying only on historical, regrets, denials and basic trend data to fold in more agile, forward-looking demand data for optimal revenue strategies. This means combining a holistic view of demand intelligence and analytically-driven actions into profitable results. Get the full story at IDeaS