Like that curved shower rod in your hotel bathroom? The embroidered pillow on the bed? The martini glasses you saw down at the bar?

The latest vacation souvenirs may be as close as a hotel Web site, because these days just about everything in the room can be bought -- for a price.

Designers call it "hotel-at-home" decorating, pioneered five years ago by Westin Hotels & Resorts' heavily marketed "Heavenly Bed," which was supposed to bring a little bit of luxury to travelers who wanted nothing more than a good night's rest.

But the trend is much more than selling people the bed they just slept in, or even giving them a legitimate way to keep a towel with a hotel logo on it.

It's about selling the feeling of bringing the vacation home.

"When we did the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel, we used a beaded curtain with a traditional Hawaiian hula dancer on it as the closet partition, and guests loved it," said Holly Boling-Ruiz, associate senior designer at Philpotts and Associates, a Honolulu design firm whose clients include hotels.

Vacationers at Hawaii resorts want to know where they can get everything from chairs to coconut shell dishes.

"In the old days, hotels put up signs that said, 'If you really like this robe, it's for sale in the gift shop,"' said Robert Mandelbaum, who researches hotel industry trends for PKF Consulting in Atlanta.

These days, he said, "it's not just robes. Hotels are becoming more residential in feel, and guests can afford to pay a premium to bring that concept of comfort home."

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