Britain’s travel agents lose an estimated £20 million of revenue every year through failing to chase unpaid commission from hotels. Analysis by Net Trans, a leading commission recovery operation, shows that around 40 per cent of commission owed by hotels is never handed over to the agencies which have earned it.

Most agencies fail to chase commission because it is time-consuming and sometimes the expense of banking commission cheques is not justified. Net Trans, based in Norway, solves the problem by handling the task with its outsourced Active Commission service. Active Commission lowers recovery costs through a mixture of automation and economies of scale. Net Trans, founded in 1999, recovers £35 million of commission for over 5000 agents in 70 countries each year.

Net Trans’ service is so popular that it already has several clients in the UK even though it has not previously had a permanent presence here. Clients include Carlson Wagonlit Travel, BCD Travel, and Gray Dawes Travel, and Net Trans has also been appointed as the exclusive commission recovery company to the Guild of Travel Management Companies (GTMC). Now it is opening an office in the UK so more companies can recover unpaid commissions.

‘Our analysis shows British agencies make around £500 million of commissionable hotel bookings every year,’ said John Melchior, Net Trans’ new Director of Sales for the UK. ‘That figure should earn agents £50 million in commission but only 60 per cent of it is getting through. Recovering it through our Active Commission service is an absolute no-lose choice for any agency. Our clients have recovered as much as £500,000 in one year.’