Nearly all reported T&E and air volumes showed continued spending growth in 2011, but at a pace slower than last year's. Among 64 companies spending at least $30 million in U.S. booked air volume—most of which are represented here in the 2011 Business Travel News Corporate Travel 100—total U.S. T&E last year jumped on average by 19 percent over 2009 levels. This year, the average annual increase is projected at about 6 percent. On a global level, T&E among surveyed organizations soared 20 percent on average in 2010, and is projected to increase this year by another 5 percent. Similar trends are observed specifically for net booked air volumes, both at the U.S. point of sale and globally. The exception is Europe, where surveyed companies last year on average increased air volume by 22 percent but this year expect an average retreat of 3 percent. Overall so far in 2011, "we have been up about 5 percent to 10 percent [in transaction volume] over 2010," said Mike Janssen, BCD Travel Americas president. "Larger clients expect a slowdown to happen in the fourth quarter. They are taking some actions now, but most are continuing to spend but expect to put the brakes on a little heavier starting in the fourth quarter this year. My expectation that the 5 to 10 percent growth over last year is probably going to go to flat, maybe slightly below last year." Get the full story at Business Travel News (PDF 150 KB)