Total U.S. per diems are compiled by adding the average hotel, car and food costs listed on subsequent pages. Hotel: The U.S. hotel cost charts display average upper upscale, upscale and midscale hotel rates paid by BCD Travel corporate clients from January to November 2014, in addition to an overall average daily rate. That overall rate is calculated by averaging rates from the three listed tiers as well as luxury and economy tiers. Average hotel costs include 2014 sales and occupancy taxes and surcharges based on information collected from each city's convention and visitors' bureau, chamber of commerce or other public data. Advito did not update the 2013 data published in last year's Corporate Travel Index. The "ADR change" column reflects only the year-over-year change between the 2014 ADR data and the 2013 data. The "total change" column incorporates 2014 and 2013 sales and occupancy taxes and surcharges, verified separately by BTN for each year. Get the full story at Business Travel News View the digital edition of the Corporate Travel Index at Business Travel News