No matter how you engage with customers?-face-to-face or online, through the mail or over the phone?your brand is an essential element that differentiates your company from your competitors. A well-defined brand tells customers and prospects who you are and what you stand for.

Elements of a brand include many things. At the most basic level, brand is represented through the company logo, the colors used and tag lines employed, if any, that evoke the company's essence. Consistent use of these elements helps build a strong brand image. For example, the "swoosh" check-mark style of the Nike mark with the accompanying tag line "Just Do It" is one of the best-recognized brands worldwide.

rand marketing and email marketing work hand-in-hand. A strong brand lets email recipients know that the time spent reviewing messages won't be wasted. And a creative, well-coordinated email marketing campaign can add significantly to your brand's influence. When designed to increase brand awareness and position a company's presence in the marketplace, email can serve to help distinguish a company from its competitors. Email's ability to tailor messages to individual needs can deliver a tremendous boost to brand appeal by underscoring how well it meets customer needs.

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