1. Understand the Nature of Search: When we search for something, we are driven by curiosity. When we look further, we are influenced by new information that changes our thoughts in a way that either gets us closer to our objective or on a different path leading to a different result. The key is to keep searchers on the path that you want them to take from query to destination, instead of your competition?s.

2. Know Your ?Elevator Pitch?: Don?t be the marketer with the fuzzy value proposition, paragraphs of information on your landing pages, and disparate, confusing messages across various channels. In a 10- to 20-second statement, what do you provide, and why is it valuable? Make sure your landing pages clearly express these powerful, simple points.

3. Create Buzz, Don?t Wait For It: Search volume is driven by awareness and curiosity created in the real world. If there?s no buzz happening, get some going. Communicate with like-minded communities of interest, whether they exist in the form of relevant blogs, social network subgroups, electronic lists or bulletin boards. Give people a reason to ?spread the word? about what you?re doing. These strategies can also support increased links to your website, which can help organic search results.

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