Sixty percent said newsletters were one of the first three news sources they check every day. That’s twice as many as those who open a mobile news app (28%) and significantly higher than the 43% who look for news on the mobile web via browser or a social media app. Twitter (23%), Facebook (19%) and LinkedIn (12%) lagged behind. The study, prepared by the Quartz marketing team, pulled insights from 940 executives across a range of industries, including management consulting, finance, tech and media and advertising. The pool was balanced across age demographics with 22% in the 25-44 range, 22% 35-44, 21% 45-54, 20% 55-64 and 12% 65 and older so the results shouldn’t be written off as an you-can’t-teach-an-old-dog-new-tricks outlier. Quartz found a very mobile-device oriented group, with 50% of respondents using mobile devices to take the survey. And they also read most of their news on mobile devices with 61% saying most of their news consumption is on mobile (41% on phones, 20% on tablets). Get the full story at Marketing Land