The study by the GBTA Foundation, the education and research division of the Global Business Travel Association, polled over 500 business travelers who had experienced at least one business travel-related mishap during the course of a work-related trip during the past year. And it found nearly 90 percent of business travelers experienced at least one snafu related to air travel. On average, according to the survey, overall business travel setbacks cost individuals $1,475 in missed work and out-of-pocket expenses -- along with a 2.3 days of lost work days. Not surprisingly, but the GBTA survey found air travel adversity made up the majority of those mishaps, at 87 percent. Those polled said cancelled flights had the "most negative impact," although delayed flights were also a major issue, along with missed connections and lost or damaged luggage. Some other business travel issues that came up on the survey -- and that weren't directly related to air travel -- were lost items, evacuations or early returns home due to weather or other emergencies, medical mishaps and hotel booking issues. Get the full story at CBS News