The Barclaycard Business Travel Survey is one of the most comprehensive business travel reports in the UK and is used by many to track trends within this dynamic and changing industry. This year, in addition to summarising the current state of business travel, the survey looks ahead to the trends business travelers might experience in 2015.

Nearly half (45%) of business travelers say they are traveling for business more in 2005/06 than they were in 2004/05. In contrast, actual miles traveled per month have decreased from 642 in 2004/05 to 608.5 in 2005/06.

The main reason given for the increase in business travel is business expansion, both overseas (33%) and in the UK (18%). Of those who say they are traveling less, 25% put this down to technology reducing the need.

Looking further back, however, business travel has increased by 32% since 1996/97, based on miles traveled per month.

Business travel is set to grow by 17%, with each business traveler clocking up approximately 712 miles per week by 2015. The increase will primarily be driven by overseas expansion and a continued need for face-to-face meetings.

These trends are likely to encourage longer, less-frequent trips in place of short, regular weekly trips.

Download the full survey at Barclaycard Business (PDF 1MB)