Peter Dauterman appreciates a fine hotel. But on recent business trips, Dauterman, a partner with Pegasus Funds in Dallas, has bypassed a hotel room and opted for a private residence instead. "There's not a good equivalent in the hotel world ... You're always compromising,'' says Dauterman, who in December met with a client in the privacy of an apartment less than two blocks from Buckingham Palace. "If you really want to stay first class, and you really want some space to stretch out, I haven't seen anything that would compare to this.'' "When you stay in the comfort of a home, you only have to do it once to realize you don't want to be in a hotel again,'' says Cathy Ross, chief operating officer of Exclusive Resorts, which owns luxury vacation homes around the world including the London apartment where Dauterman stayed last year. "You can sit on the couch with your laptop on your lap, and you have a refrigerator stocked with healthy food. More and more people are trying it and as they try it, it's hard to go back.'' Get the full story at USA Today