Previously property managers had to pay to manage multiple sites, although the brand remained the same. Now, managers can showcase brand diversity from the backend, while maintaining consistency in the eye of the consumer. Collections provides visibility into the variety of properties under one umbrella- whether the grouping is by brand, region, or association- and, guests now have the ability to view any property from one, easy to navigate site. buuteeq customer explora, a family-owned luxury travel company situated in remote regions in South America, is able to focus on in-depth explorations of the natural and cultural surroundings of their lodge and camp areas through the use of Collections. "It all comes down to data," said Francisco Nazer, General Manager of Diego de Almagro Hotels, Chile. "With buuteeq's Collections product, we can track performance both at the brand level and at the individual property level. With this insight, we're better positioned to create and measure more effective marketing campaigns." Key Features of Collections include: - Property finder: guests can easily browse and locate their desired property through multiple visual experiences (map view, grid view, list view, custom tags, traditional search). - Direct, seamless booking experience: provides ease of use as guests travel from the brand site right to the booking engine. - Guest insights: view aggregate data at both the collection and property level with buuteeq's proprietary 360 analytics. Filter by region, language, design, and additional variables. Booking analytics correlates revenue with the traffic source for better understanding and investment in marketing initiatives. "buuteeq is the leading cloud based marketing solution for the hospitality industry, so it's pivotal our services continue to evolve to keep up with customer demands," said Forest Key CEO of buuteeq. "Hotel groups, associations, and property managers, sizing from 5 to 5,000, will benefit from Collections as they look to streamline their process and create an easy method for guests to book their travel." Related Link: buuteeq