nSight, the leader in online consumer shopping intelligence for hotels and destinations, spoke during a general session and a breakout on how industry decision makers are using new data to make steady, simple progress on questions they have not been able to answer before now. Even the term Big Data is intimidating. Big implies that there is a large volume of high-velocity data. Like what flows from orbiting satellites measuring hundreds of factors that define weather patterns around the world. That is big data. Hospitality doesn’t necessarily need big data – it needs the right data. Executives who are responsible for bottom-line results and budget ROI want more than their own data repurposed in charts and graphs. GMs, revenue managers and marketing directors are looking for intelligence that goes beyond what they can see in their own PMS and Google Analytics reports. They’re hungry for something different that will feed decision-making in new, more competitive ways. They’re looking for new data (#NewData). Get the full story at nSight