The traditional travel booking market is changing as tourists take advantage of the ease and cost savings of organising travel online, and in turn tour operators and airlines are moving to capture the growing market.

But currently there is no such technology for operators selling a large variety of travel. Cadabra aims to give inbound tour operators a highly specialised online tool so they too can make an internet play.

Cadabra grew from a conversation Mr Frost had with an American couple staying at Huka Lodge near Taupo. The couple had effectively become their own travel agents, researching and booking different legs of the trip over the internet from the US which was a logistical nightmare.

Cadabra is aimed at that small but valuable 10 per cent slice of tourists whose holidays are more than just air travel, transfers and hotel bookings.

For example, specialised itineraries might include a mix of air, sea and car travel, with golf, food and wine, and high adventure activities.

"At the moment, if travellers want to plan a trip like that and they want to do it online, they have use dozens of different websites assuming each provider is online," Mr Frost said.

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