You would think that the direct online channel would be the main focus for hoteliers and they would be investing heavily in this channel and trying to shift market share from the OTAs and GDS Travel Agent channels. Wrong! In just three short years since 2008, hoteliers’ direct online channel lost significant market share to the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), who increased their booking contributions by a staggering 45%! Here are some disturbing stats from the Top 30 Hotel Brands: - In 2010, only 67.3% of the online bookings for the top 30 hotel brands came from the direct online channel (i.e. the major hotel brands own websites:,, etc.), while 32.7% came from the indirect online channel (the Online Travel Agencies—OTAs) (eTRAK Report). - In comparison, in 2008, 75.2% of all CRS online bookings came from the brand website, while 24.8% came from the OTAs (eTRAK). - In other words, OTA contribution increased from 11.80% of total CRS bookings in 2008 to 17.10% in 2010 i.e. OTAs saw an increase of nearly 45% (HeBS Digital Research). - This constitutes a significant increase of OTA contribution, compared to 2007, when 75.9% of all CRS online bookings came from the brand website and only 24.1% of the online bookings came from the indirect online channel (OTAs). Get the full story at HeBS