When Triptease first covered this back in December 2017, it seemed as though Expedia may have been exploring a metasearch-type model, with one hotel group telling us they'd been approached by the OTA about testing direct links to the hotel website. Unfortunately the situation no longer looks as positive as first thought. We know learned that Expedia may be introducing 'multi-source channel rates' into their contracts with hotels, which would mean they have license to display rates other than those from the hotel. This spells bad news for hoteliers struggling with rate parity, and especially for those being undercut by unpackaged wholesale rates. We've heard the impact first-hand from a hotelier being undercut on his own Expedia listing: "Any rate with a photo next to it is mine," he explained to us. "Any rate without a photo - I have no clue where that came from. And those rates are the ones that are undercutting me." Get the full story at Triptease