More than 210 Internet booking engines have signed up in anticipation of what TripAdvisor calls its game-changing online platform, TripAdvisor Connect, scheduled to launch later this year. Initial commitment from Internet booking engines means that more than 135,000 hotels and B&Bs worldwide will be able toparticipate in Hotel Price Comparison on TripAdvisor. In Asia, an executive responsible for digital marketing and distribution for a major hotel group told Web In Travel, “TripAdvisor Connect allows TripAdvisor to tap one, into budgets of smaller/independent hotels (hence more $$$) and two, to get more reviews (“….remind guests to write a reviews). “The platform allows (smaller) hotels to place bids and compete against OTA bids for their own property – the question is: are smaller hotels able to compete with the big guys budgets to appear among the first 3x placements (= 90 % of clicks)? Some hotels might have the budgets, most probably not, or they have to shift their offline budgets to online. The big winner is TripAdvisor and some (smaller) wins for smaller/independent hotels.” Get the full story at Web In Travel