Good thing Timpone had some experience at this sort of thing. She previously led the marketing departments for Disney and Yahoo. Timpone spends much of her time traveling in Marriott's far-flung empire. AdWeek interviewed her recently on how she packages hotels for a new generation of travelers. You were brought aboard in November 2013 to help Marriott draw the "next generation" of travelers. Do millennials have different expectations of a hotel brand than older customers do? We listened to what millennials were asking, and one thing was being more connected in a relationship kind of way. There are some cues that are specific to newer customers, but that's where a lot of people are going. Mobility, healthy eating - these are things a lot of travelers want. You were at Disney before coming to Marriott. Can you name one thing that you learned about marketing at Disney that you're applying at Marriott? I was at Yahoo before I was at Disney, and I had in my hands a rich set of data. Everybody talks about big data, but I had really rich data, so it was an unbelievably rich way of thinking about relationships with customers. And I've organized my entire marketing strategy around this—thinking about the customer's needs, what's relevant to them and communicating in an authentic way. Get the full story at AdWeek Read also "Marriott launches online travel guide" and "Marriott embraces content with editorial site, short film" at L2 and Mobile Marketer