Ryan Solutions looked at seven of its clients that have been using both automated lifecycle messaging (pre, during, post-stay, etc.) and review widget survey integration (review form appears on last page of feedback survey) during the last 18 months. All of the brands in this sample raised their non-rounded score by an average of 0.29 points which helped 4 of the 7 brands reach the next 1/2-point step for their score. On average, these brands climbed half of the available slots in their respective rankings (e.g., if ranking out of 10, a jump of at least 5 spots). There are a few important lessons from this data set. The first is that these efforts absolutely work. It helps guests have better experiences and more people end up posting reviews. But even more important to remember is that if you start with a significant number of reviews (like all of these brands) or a high score (like brands 1, 4, and 7) increasing your score takes time. Get the full story at Ryan Solutions