Since Blockchain is a “foundational technology” like development of the internet itself (meaning that is goes beyond disruption and enables a whole new range of activities that weren’t possible before) there will be new industries and products brought to the consumer that weren’t possible a few years ago. But, as with the early days of the internet, the projects that address tangible immediate problems stand to succeed early on – so many investors have been on the lookout for the Blockchain’s “killer app” that will get market share quickly. This means that crypto projects that can be readily applied to the existing Marketplace – such as with the hospitality industry – can win big early on. is one such project. They are in the process of raising funds through an ICO for their hotel Marketplace. This is a tangible problem to tackle – as their CEO Nikola Alexandrov said: “Our project stands out by being extremely business driven. We do not try to invent a new kind of service, but rather we want to solve a problem in a extremely in-demand service by changing the underlying technology.” Get the full story at NewsBTC Read also "Lockchain democratizes hotel booking" at CryptoCoins and "Swiss blockchain project eyes travel industry"