Anyone who tells you they definitively know the answer as to whether TripAdvisor has made a mistake in its quest to become a booking site to supplement its metasearch, or lead-referral, business might also try to sell you the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. [It’s not for sale.] However, if you consider TripAdvisor’s track record when it transitioned in 2012 to 2014 from reliance on browser windows popping up in hotel search to side-by-side comparison-shopping, or metasearch, on TripAdvisor, then there is some cause for guarded optimism. TripAdvisor CFO Ernst Teunissen said in February that he expected TripAdvisor’s growth in revenue per hotel shopper, which takes into account both metasearch and Instant booking, to decelerate later in 2016, as it subsequently has done, but the company expected “growth will improve similar to what we saw in our metasearch rollout in 2013.” Get the full story at Skift