It is important to know, regardless of which channel they book… who is your consumer, what are their needs, what are their habits, what is their incremental spend? Do you have measures in place to track and report on this effectively? At the recent HSMAI Revenue Management conference, hoteliers shared that their guests are not loyal in terms of how they book, and are erratic in terms of the device that they use to book. The way in which the consumer researches, and the amount of choice that they have to aid this process is also presenting hoteliers with many challenges in controlling their business in a consistent and profitable manner; customer segmentation is therefore a challenge. This is where as hoteliers we can become SMARTER at selling rooms. We all know that the consumer journey starts with research before booking - whether on a map search, review site, or social media. This is where we need to understand what they are using; PC, tablet, mobile. And then understand when they are doing this… before, during, after work – regardless, the way in which the consumer researches is dependent on them, their ME time – it does not however mean that how they start their journey is necessarily where they will end up booking. Get the full story at the Sabre Hospitality Solutions blog