Influencer marketing specialists Lumio launched its proprietary Quality Score, which ranks the actual quality of an influencer’s followings. This is an essential metric for any marketer looking to use influencers in a campaign. According to the company’s announcement of the initiative, the score “shows how traditional metrics like the “engagement rate” and “total following” are less reliable when attempting to determine whether an Influencer is influential.” Truth is that the metrics available to marketers on social platforms are quite limited - and this is by design. Social media companies want to control the ‘free’ metrics available publicly to those who aren’t buying ads on the platform. There’s no clear financial incentive to help marketers to identify influencers for campaigns paid for outside of the platform. So it’s even more important for marketers to move past vanity metrics when selecting influencers to work with. Get the full story at Tnooz and Travel Weekly UK Read also "How to vacation like an Instagram influencer" at