The operators reported that travelers' seemingly insatiable appetite for Europe is putting as much if not more pressure on pricing and product than the strengthening euro, which reached 1.20 against the dollar last week after flirting with parity at the start of the year. Having contracted with European suppliers well before the euro started to rebound, tour operators have set 2018 prices from flat to less than 10% above this year's. "One of the big [destination] focuses for next year will be Europe, but more focused on Belarus, Cyprus, Moldova, Poland and some of those more untouched Scandinavian regions like Greenland," said Leigh Barnes, regional director of Intrepid Group. "I think this is super important as we're seeing over-tourism occur in Europe. There are more Americans wanting to come to Europe than ever before. We know there's demand. Off that, we're trying to create new and innovative ways to get people to see Europe." Get the full story at Travel Weekly