Carlson Hotels Worldwide has selected QL2 for the Carlson Hotels Stay Night Automated Pricing (SNAP) initiative. QL2 will provide on-demand data on competitive and market dynamics for 700 of the Carlson Hotel properties in the United States and Asia Pacific.

While traditional revenue management focuses on restricting the availability of discount products, the SNAP process optimizes pricing in order to maximize revenue through demand forecasting. This is a completely different strategy than typically used by hotels. The SNAP initiative allows Carlson to innovate its revenue management processes and address this business challenge head-on.

Although there is a wealth of competitive and market information available on the Web, much of it exists in silos and is difficult to gather and integrate with existing revenue management processes. Many optimization specialists spend valuable time collecting and aggregating information instead of strategizing. The data that hotels need to consider in their revenue optimization initiatives is incredibly dynamic so regular access to the exact data they need, when they need it, is vital for the actionable analysis that will transform vacancies into booked properties.

As one of the key technologies powering the SNAP initiative, the QL2 Data Services provides Carlson Hotels Worldwide with specific, manageable data on properties, rates, amenities and other factors that matter when making strategic pricing decisions. As a result, Carlson has the ability to move rapidly and strategically to attract, convert and keep customers while continuing to meet internal operational goals.