A big part of CWT 3.0 is better use of data to make real-time decisions. A message popping up on a traveler’s phone after a flight could say that co-workers are staying at a certain hotel for a conference and give the traveler the option to stay at the same hotel. CWT already has some messaging capabilities built into its mobile app that bring up reminders during an individual’s trip, but the company has begun to also explore connecting co-workers’ itineraries when they are traveling as a group. The “CWT To Go” mobile app saw an increase in users of almost 40 percent last year compared with the year before. With so much of business travel being made up of repeated trips that are booked through a travel management portal, there is a vast amount of data that can be mined, including preferences for hotels and rental cars. “Personalization is the absolute keyword,” Kurt Ekert president and chief executive of CWT said. Get the full story at StarTribune.com