Results from a MarketingSherpa case-study revealed, that Google Local ads delivered a higher clickthrough rate than regular Google ads (even when geo-targeted by visitor).

However, out of the piles of redeemed coupons, not a single coupon came from the Google Local ads. "100% of total conversions were from, not Local."

Partly this was due to the fact that although Google Local ads may get high clicks, there just isn't much traffic there to begin with. According to Hitwise data (see link to chart below), less than 1% of total Google traffic goes to Local. However, Krutick assured MarketingSherpa that his Local ads got more than enough clicks to the coupon page that there should have been redemptions if the conversion pattern even remotely matched the main lead redemption.

So why didn't Local clicks convert? No one knows for sure as no survey was conducted. But, the head of Krutick's search team did share this speculation, "Marketers are thinking Google Local is going to be used like the yellow pages. You know, you look there when you're ready to buy something and you want to know about local merchants.

"In reality it didn't turn out that way for us. Our theory is at, people are buyers and they are looking for a local store that sells mattresses. However at Google Local, the most searched for term tends to be store name, not category. It's possible people are only going to Local if they are actually searching for the store itself."

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