When I started working at the Blue Bay Inn in November 2014, I was transitioning from a decade in the corporate retail industry. I wasn’t worried about managing staff, keeping guests happy or maintaining the property – those things I could handle. But I was a little unsure about managing the property’s marketing myself. In the retail world where I came from, we focused a lot on conversion. Corporations are huge on converting shoppers into buyers – so trying to win over shoppers on my website wasn’t new to me. What was new, however, was managing this all on my own. As a GM, I’m ultimately responsible to the owners for the bottom line, and I knew my website could be my best conversion tool, but it needed a big makeover. However, given my limited experience in personally managing digital marketing activities, I had to have an inexpensive, easy to use solution that would inform and engage people, convincing them that Blue Bay was the best choice for them. Otherwise I was going to lose the conversion opportunity and all of the business that goes with it. These are the strategies I implemented that made my direct bookings skyrocket. Get the full story at Leonardo