OneLink Corporation, a provider of seamlessly integrated booking and settlement processing services for travel suppliers and their distributors, has announced that a growing number of travel agency owners are discovering the benefits of pre-paid revenue - and breaking free from the hassle and uncertainty of standard commissions. By using OneLink technology through the CCRA portal, agents can receive payment for their services upfront, in the currency of their choosing, for the first time ever. As a result, agents are developing new instantaneous revenue streams by collecting their compensation in a predictable manner.

That is exactly the reason why Elise Butler, a 17-year veteran of the industry and owner of Paso Robles, Calif.-based By Land or By Sea, LLC, has become a fan of the portal. "It's wonderful in that so many hotels all over the globe just simply do not pay commissions. I'm finally assured of getting paid, and I do not have to spend a lot of time chasing down small commissions from all over Europe and the rest of the world."

Butler added that given a choice of rates among hotels, she prefers CCRA's pre-paid revenue option. She said she has booked "a couple of hundred" room accommodations through CCRA, and finds that the pre-paid room rates are usually much more competitive than standard rates.

With OneLink's innovative integrated booking and settlement service, agents can offer travelers accommodations from a selection of some 80,000 properties worldwide and collect their revenue on certain properties at the time of purchase. As a result, agents are no longer tied to hotel-distributed commissions that may never arrive. They can now also adopt elements of a margin-based business model, relying on their customers for revenue, not their suppliers.

"Agency executives know that the frustration and unreliability of hotel commissions and collections have historically been a drain on resources and revenues for the entire industry," said Bill Guerin, chairman and CEO of OneLink. "With our pre-paid model, agents and travel executives can rely on receiving their earned revenue literally for the first time. When the hotel gets paid, the agent gets paid as well. The agency never has to wonder when or if a payment will arrive, because it does so when the transaction takes place."

The CCRA portal first went live in March and has been widely adopted by travel agencies, associations and consortia. In addition to the pre-paid revenue model, the portal provides superior features, aggregated content, and reliable functionality. With the CCRA portal, agents also have the capability to sell certain types of inventory where they establish the selling price with a built in margin for themselves -- thereby enabling the customer to save money while allowing the agent to make a fair profit.

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