Temporary signs glued to three Parsippany office buildings and their roadside marker are about the only physical remainders of Cendant Corp.

By Tuesday morning, those plastic sheets will be peeled away and dropped in garbage bins along with the conglomerate structure that fell out of favor on Wall Street several years ago and never rebounded.

Taking Cendant's place will be three independent companies, including one that didn't bother with an interim sign. A fourth is to follow in August.

In the planning stages since October, the intricate mechanics of dismembering Cendant mostly have followed the original blueprint, with some important adjustments along the way.

Instead of cutting loose the real-estate brokerage division Realogy in June and the Wyndham Worldwide hotel and timeshare division in late summer, the timetable was reworked so the stock of both will be distributed Monday evening, allowing them to open their doors on Tuesday as new companies.

The collection of online travel booking sites called Travelport is scheduled to be sold in late August to the private investment firm Blackstone Group instead of spun off in October.

That will leave behind the car- and truck-rental operations that will be renamed Avis Budget Group after Cendant's last annual meeting on Aug. 29.

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