TravelCLICK, Inc. has restructured and expanded an agreement with Travelport, Inc., formerly known as Cendant's Travel Distribution Services division, to continue providing the hotel industry with valuable solutions that drive revenue and deliver long term profitability.

The agreement includes exclusive sales rights for Galileo Headlines inventory in the hospitality industry, enabling TravelCLICK to expand its marketing of highly targeted travel agent advertising opportunities within the Galileo International global distribution system (GDS). The new partnership also enables TravelCLICK to continue expanding its leading business intelligence product line -- empowering hotels to proactively manage behavioral advertising based on decision support data from rate monitoring, channel management, and competitive measurement.

Travelport is a leading provider of travel services worldwide and a global technology innovator. Its Galileo subsidiary is one of the four main players of the global GDS network that drives over 30% of hotel bookings worldwide.

"Our Travelport partnership enables customers to become uniquely positioned to optimize booking performance through Galileo travel agents," said John Hach, Vice President of Product Management, eMarketing Products at TravelCLICK. "Our Galileo Headlines ad serving capability enables hotels to define and target specific promotional date ranges, rate types and inventory allocations within this high ADR channel."

TravelCLICK provides hotels worldwide with the opportunity to market directly to travel agents in the GDS channel. The company's popular market intelligence solutions allow hotels to view how their performance compares to the competition. The agreement between the two companies ensures that hoteliers worldwide will continue to have access to the most comprehensive booking data available enabling them to execute effective rate and inventory strategies.

"The unique business intelligence and marketing services that TravelCLICK provides the industry offers a comprehensive solution platform for hotels," said Kurt Ekert, Senior Vice President, Supplier Services for Travelport. "Travelport sees real value in supporting TravelCLICK's efforts to deliver their solutions to local markets around the world in a convenient and effective manner for hoteliers."

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