Providing a single integrated view of guest history, value, behavior, desire, intent and engagement, Cendyn/ONE's cloud-based software and services platform allows marketers to capture, store and analyze a hotel or brand's unique data to make it actionable, creating new and compelling ways to drive a more profitable marketing outcome. "With Big Data, the goal is not only to collect the information, but to learn from it to increase conversions, establish brand loyalty, and create the best user experience," said Cendyn/ONE President Tim Sullivan. "Hotels that don't have the technology and people in place to leverage the flood of data being generated by their guests are now at a distinct disadvantage." Cendyn/ONE's team of data integration, analysis and optimization experts seamlessly combine first and third party data sources to create dynamically generated, one-to-one marketing across all digital channels: email, web, display, mobile, video, social and search. Ultimately, this approach results in significantly higher marketing ROI while increasing overall guest satisfaction and loyalty. "We have delivered more than one billion targeted communications over the past year," added Cendyn/ONE President, Tim Sullivan. "On average our data-driven approach has proven to be four times more effective at driving results." "By launching Cendyn/ONE, we are providing a critical service for hotels and brands to utilize cloud- based CRM, data-driven digital marketing, and interactive design to communicate with potential, current and past guests," said Cendyn Corp. CEO Charles Deyo. "The platform creates a competitive advantage that is essential in today's digital marketplace." Related Link: Cendyn/ONE