Travel & Leisure recently picked cFares as "best for airfares" category in its annual issue on hotels, also featuring best online deals.

cFares is a new entrant in online travel sites that is raising the bar in the industry by providing the deepest savings on airfares for travelers. cFares works like a Costco warehouse membership; people pay an annual fee but the savings more than pays for the membership cost after just one or two trips.

cFares offers both Gold and Platinum membership. Gold memberships are free and give consumers access to some of the lowest domestic and international airfares, but a Platinum membership gives members some additional unique perks. For starters, a search for domestic or international airfares on cFares will in almost all cases yield a traveler the lowest airfares available anywhere online. The site will also present a range of the lowest fares available from other online travel sites, providing the traveler with a direct link to competing sites, if they should choose to purchase an alternative airfare.

"We were very pleased that Travel & Leisure chose cFares as a favorite website for best airfares," stated cFares' Vajid Jafri, founder and CEO. "Travel & Leisure is viewed as a preeminent source where travelers can go to learn about all things travel. We are glad to see an increasing level of industry recognition around the exceptional offers cFares is providing to travelers."

Published by American Express Publishing Corporation, Travel & Leisure is a highly-regarded magazine, covering the newest and the best in travel, including a broad range of relevant subjects such as food, shopping, business travel and technology.

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