According to Kartikeya Tripathi, regional director of hotel distribution at Amadeus Asia Pacific, there is a decline in customer loyalty. Travelers tend to reference two or three different sources before making a booking online. That could indicate a lower degree of confidence in price and content accuracy. “This is in line with the findings of our second Asia Pacific hotel distribution survey, which found that travelers are increasingly comparing travel agent offers with websites and reviews,” he added. Interestingly, even though there are multiple websites available for hotel booking, travelers often prefer to go brick-and-mortar travel agents for the actual booking process. Kartikeya said: “We call this a low look-to-book ratio. Take China for example. According to travel research firm PhoCusWright, as a result of China’s high internet and mobile phone penetration rate (500+ million internet users and 1+billion mobile phone users), Chinese consumers are increasingly going online to explore their travel options. However, while online travel websites are being heavily used in China, usage is linked to travel research rather than for making actual travel bookings. We often hear that when travelers obtain information about ticket availability online, it isn’t available when they try to book it. Get the full story at Singapore Business