And with many hotels now actively pursuing total revenue performance strategies, how can hoteliers ensure they keep up the pace and smoothly implement these analytical revenue management approaches throughout their organization? Let’s take a look at how hotels can effectively manage the impacts of applying analytically-driven approaches on their people, processes and technologies: The People One of the questions hoteliers need to ask is who is going to apply sophisticated analytics within their organization. The role of a data scientist is becoming an essential component of an effective revenue management strategy. In-house resources are also becoming more common in larger organizations. There’s also been a lot of recent discussions around the opportunity of a cross-departmental data scientist that can apply their skills where needed, while balancing the overhead costs to maintain this new role. External resources and third parties that can provide analytics as a service are also available. Dedicated support services for analytical technology and processes ensure hotels can perform at their maximum potential. Get the full story at IDeaS