According to TripAdvisor, your hotel should be receiving the same TripAdvisor traffic as before. However, some businesses are reporting that they can no longer view TripAdvisor referral traffic in Google Analytics. This will happen if your website is not an HTTPS-secured site or your Google Analytics account has been configured to just look for referral traffic from in general. Businesses with websites that are already HTTPS-secured, as well as those using customized URL’s to track the performance of specific links from their TripAdvisor pages, are not impacted. TripAdvisor recommends hotels use customized URLs to measure traffic from TripAdvisor in Google Analytics. While Google Analytics cannot measure referral traffic from an HTTPS-secured to an unsecured website, it can measure the clicks to a specific, customized URL on your own website. Typically, these customized URLs have some extra characters that don’t impact the user but can be seen in Google Analytics. By only using that customized link on your TripAdvisor listing, you will see the number of clicks you receive from TripAdvisor. Get the full story at TripAdvisor