Cheapflights Ltd has launched a new and unique Flight News sections/blog site in both the UK and the US. These Flight News sites will complement current products by offering a selection of the latest news relating to flight information and air travel, savings, airports and airlines. These airlines include Ryanair and British Airways in the UK and Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue in the US.

The Flight News sites are a totally non-commercial venture for Cheapflights and are Cheapflights first foray into the world of online blogging. With strong editorial content updated daily, featuring a vast selection of aggregated news and flights information, they are primarily designed to provide Cheapflights' users with practical content on flight information and tips on savings - information that is not readily available elsewhere on the Internet combined on one comprehensive site. Flight News will also have an interesting “Inside Cheapflights” section that gives first hand accounts of destinations and insider tips from the experienced and travel savvy staff at Cheapflights.

Flight News will continue to grow in design and content, offering users the opportunity to include their travel comments and feedback as well as attracting well known travel journalists to contribute. Cheapflights hope that the UK and US Flight News initiatives will be the first steps towards creating significant online travel communities that will enhance the user experience of our growing consumer user base on both sides of the Atlantic. Flights News is also available as a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed which allows consumers to see updates on tools like Google Desktop.

Cheapflights' Vice Chairman Hugo Burge commented: "Having pioneered flights deals with our site in 1996, the company has often been perceived (mistakenly) as simply being a travel dotcom. In fact we are an online media company that aggregates and publishes a huge number of travel deals for consumers to search online. The new blogging sites complement our original flight deals online publishing model and will help position us in the UK and the US at the heart of what works extremely well in internet travel: that is providing useful independent information to help consumers research and book travel."

He added: "Cheapflights recognizes that the beginning of any great holiday, business trip or adventure, more often than not, starts with a flight. I am particularly inspired by the idea of creating a unique resource of knowledge from a wide range of industry experts, the Cheapflights team and consumers, which will assist our consumers to research flights and also help them keep abreast of the air travel industry. Flight News is part of our ongoing plan to develop our websites as a compelling resource to research travel. Flight News differentiates us from other travel search tools in the marketplace and expands our position as 'the starting place to research flights'."