has introduced a first-of-its-kind Partner Portal that gives its advertising partners immediate access to campaign performance data, enabling them to track the view and click-through rates of offers published on The Cheapflights Partner Portal is unique in the travel industry. No other travel search company offers this type of online tracking tool for advertising partners. is a leading, independent travel price search and comparison site, publishing the most diverse range of flight deals and featuring the widest selection of travel companies that sell them. The Web site lists nearly one million low-cost airfare deals from hundreds of travel brands, including Priceline, Spirit Airlines, Travelocity, Lufthansa,, WestJet and ― offering consumers a collection of low-cost airfare options not available elsewhere.

“The Cheapflights Partner Portal enables me to immediately track which offers are being viewed and which are generating clicks,” said Tim Steele, marketing director for “It’s a terrific tool that helps me calibrate my advertising strategy and mix of offers to maximize my overall campaign performance and deliver the best possible ROI,” he said.

Developed with extensive feedback from Cheapflights’ advertisers, the Partner Portal delivers a user-friendly interface and flexible reporting options. Nearly all of Cheapflights’ advertising partners currently use the Partner Portal, which was introduced in October and updated with additional functionality in December. Future enhancements to the Cheapflights Partner Portal are planned in 2007.

Cheapflights’ Partner Portal offers benefits over a ‘manual’ advertising tracking process. In a completely manual process, advertisers call the company they advertise with to request performance data, which is then compiled by a company employee. This process is more ad hoc and less efficient than the automated Web interface provided by Cheapflights’ Partner Portal, which provides daily updates at the click of a mouse.

“We take pride in our partner-friendly business model. In fact, we make it our business to help our advertising partners get the most out of doing business with us,” said Michael Bennett, Cheapflights’ US general manager. “The Partner Portal demonstrates Cheapflights’ commitment to continually develop innovative products to meet the dynamic needs and evolving demands of the travel industry,” he said.