Global luxury travel remains the fastest-growing of all the tourism and travel sectors, with luxury hotel chains experiencing significant worldwide growth in 2015 (Travel Market Report, World Travel Monitor). The luxury hotel market is expected to reach 5.27 billion by 2021 as upscale hotels emerge as a key hospitality focus in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and other regions. Additionally, leisure travel is anticipated to be the category of largest growth for affluent and luxury consumers (Transparency Market Research). Though the economy travel landscape continues to change, luxury hotels are as prosperous and popular as ever. In today’s always-connected and ever-competitive environment, where 55% of hotel bookings occur online (Google), it is crucial that luxury hotels maintain a strong digital presence. The need for dynamic luxury hotel digital marketing in 2016 is more important than ever. Whereas in the past, hotels may have been able to rely on word of mouth and travel reviews to generate bookings and revenue, these antiquated marketing techniques are not effective in engaging the 21st Century traveler. Get the full story at HeBS Digital