Sam Turner, sales director at Hotelbeds Group, said: “The potential for the Chinese travel source market – both domestic and international – is vast and almost unimaginable. China has the world’s largest population with a rapidly expanding middle-class and they are all looking for travel experiences. “This explosion of Chinese travellers worldwide requires both travel providers and travel sellers to adapt their offering to the needs, preference and desires of the Chinese market. To do so, it is not only about adapting the booking process but also the whole cycle of payment, check-in, visa processes, social media platforms, and so on – and that´s why we´re focusing hard on making sure we have the best and most relevant technology for the market. “The strong APAC presence and local knowledge of GTA – who have recently joined our Group – will also boost us further in this key strategic market in order to lead the bedbank niche in the APAC region.” He added. Get the full story at Travel Daily Asia