China Internet Network Information Center last week released the 20th "Statistical Survey Report on the Internet Development in China". It was right in 10 years ago when CNNIC published its first report.

According to the report, as of June 30, China has had 162 million Internet users, only second to the United States, 211 million. Comparing to the end of 2006, it has 25 million new Internet users, which means the country reports nearly 100 new Internet users every minute.

Although the annual growth rate of Internet users in China reaches 31.7%, entering a new stage of rapid growth, China's Internet penetration rate is only 12.3%, lower than the 17.6% as the global average. In some countries with more developed Internet construction such as the United States, Japan and South Korea, the penetration rate even exceeds 65%. So the gap is still significant. To be specific, China's Internet penetration rate of urban residents is 21.6%, and in rural areas, only 5.1%.

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