Keynote speakers at Travel Distribution Summit Asia, held at Singapore’s Raffles City Convention Centre today and tomorrow, concurred that China’s market do not play by the same rules as the more mature markets of Europe and the US. Expedia Lodging Partner Services’ vice president, market management - Asia Pacific, Traci Mercer, said: “Anyone who’s worked in China knows China is one of the most disruptive markets in terms of pricing, price integrity, etc. “China’s huge - it moves fast and changes fast but not a lot of people are online. In China we’re taking a different approach from Ctrip by going totally online and predominantly mobile. That’s going after a segment that’s very small but definitely the future. “China is a long-term bet. If you play for today, for the short term, you won’t be there for the long term. It’s an interesting but not fully logical landscape,” she concluded. Get the full story at TTG Asia